13 August, 2011

New Look

Just to show how it looks right now:

In other news, Alpha 9 released, which offers this new center column for the stats, and demonstrates a new style (which can be changed on the fly).

  • Scroll bars for long texts
  • Fading effects
  • Style
  • Stats pane
  • xml-layout for chances has been slightly redesigned (though the editor cannot do chances anyway right now).
  • Bugfixes
  • Better defaults for many options

As usual, it can be found in the download section, you will need the two files starting with "alpha9" and the adobe air installer (bar to the right). Opera has issues with .air files, use some other browser.


  1. Looks good.

    How is the progress going now?

    Will you include gif support or/and maybe video clip support as well?

  2. Currently, I am porting it to run in a browser, with the data streamed in from a webserver / database. It mostly works, but going is slow due to me being generally busy.

    Not sure if I ever get around to do video support, because there are so many issues with codecs. I might add the capability to dynamically bind webservices such as youtube.

  3. So will it end being browser based only or both stand alone and browser based versions?

    I guess video support could be limited to mpeg2 or 4 and limited file size per clip.
    But Gif would be a better way to go, to be able to create animated images, perhaps in a smaller window, this window could also be used for showing character portraits and their expressions if people want to add that sort of thing.

    Do you have a forum for suggestions and discussion etc?

  4. Gifs might be feasible (and possibly .swf too), depending on how easy that is in Flash, I don't know yet. Multiple picture views are also a good idea, I will keep that in mind.

    The browser version will become the major one as soon as it generally works, but I suspect I can support both easily enough. They only differ in their file handling (and a few minor UI things, like a login versus a file-choose dialog), and all game-logic is in a separate library project which both use.

    I don't have a forum (too much administrative work, not enough need), so the comment sections and my e-mail have to suffice.