08 August, 2011


A few people have shown interest in using my work, which has motivated me to spend another few hours polishing and adding features.

The files can be found (as usual) here:

You will require both the alpha7_story.air and also the zip file with the demonstration data. Install the application anywhere you like except at your C:\Programs\ folder, or else the editor won't be able to edit the files, and unpack the zip inside the same folder. There will be a proper data folder at some point.

I also highly recommend looking at the documentation if you want to write your own content. The editor takes care of all the XML, formatting and validating, but it is still very helpful to know how the internals work to figure out how to do something.

Note: Opera seems to muck up .air files because it falsely believes they are .zips. It has been known to do that with .jar files too. The only work-around I know is to use another browser.

As for an incomplete change log:

  • Save/Load functionality (1 Save slot for now)
  • The editor has received a better layout (especially on large screens, go full-screen for maximum effect)
  • Some forgotten parameters (chance, pass, crit, botch) have been added to the editor
  • Empty textboxes should now always result in the correct behaviour
  • As usual, many bugfixes. Apparently, challenge difficulty has been broken in many cases.

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