01 January, 2012

You can now Edit!

This is a preliminary update with the following features:
  1. Styles are online
  2. Rules are online
  3. The editor is fully functional. You can either edit actions you are the author of, or create new actions (with a button in the upper right).

Missing features
  1. It is not possible to create new users yet. Either you log in with the guest account (password 1234) or send me a mail if you want your own account, because the data on the guest account is prone to getting purged without mercy if I find anything problematic.
  2. There is still no GUI for Rules and Styles

Actually, both issues just require me to create a few forms because I have written the back-end code already, but forms take so much time compared to plain code.

Note that I do not do many checks for validity except for SQL-injections for security, and it is highly possible that anyone playing around with the editor will end up with unclear error messages. This is mostly experienced with naming conflicts which will throw up a generic error. So for all ids, it is sensible to choose long expressions (and ideally start them with "username_") which are unlikely to conflict.

There's also documentation to be found in the column just to the right. It might be a tiny bit outdated, but should certainly explain most of what's required.


  1. Are you still working on this?

    And where can i get the update from?


  2. I've not made many changes since the last version you can see here because I was busy. You can start it with the huge link just above the comment section. It's now all in the browser, running from my database, which is way more practical than the complex air-setup before.