16 December, 2011

StoryEngine without a Harddisk

I have rewritten quite a few parts of my engine with a single goal: It has to run from the browser, instead of the annoying Adobe Air environment. This means no file access, which is a bit of an issue for a program that spends most of its time with editing files and showing them in a fancy manner. I have at least partially solved it. The data is loaded from a (cheap and possibly slow) MySQL-Server instead from the disk. All else stays the same for now.

Note that the online-version does show off the editor, but you cannot (yet) upload or store anything. That requires extensive code on the topic of "what do I do if two people want to edit the same action?" which in turn will need user-authentication, which needs a way to create accounts and so on and so forth. Currently, everyone will just use the same account, and there is no code in place to support any editing at all.

Just click the link to open up the flash in a browser-window (requires Flash 10). I know there are still a few issues, some pictures don't load (or rather, empty pictures get displayed with a border, instead of not at all), but for the moment, this shall be enough. Styles are not yet supported.

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