08 April, 2011

Alpha 2

A decent update, I would call it.


  • Additional Requirement nodes for Location, Time or Date
  • Multiple Rewards work now (mostly used by Rules)
  • XML structure reworked
    • Mostly Rules (those look rather different)
    • Requirements are now more similar to Rewards
    • Bugfixes
The new files can be found here (with updated documentation):

If you look at the XMLs and think they are complex, just open the HowTo.rtf, it should explain enough to get started. If that's not good enough, please leave a comment, I will clarify.

If you need Adobe Air to run it, you can find it here: http://get.adobe.com/air/

Edit: I have added a file "Story_Alpha2_InstalledFiles.zip" which is a zip containing the installed files. If anyone tries to use it without having Air installed, please let me know it that works. I do not want to uninstall Air to test that, because that would mess with my developer environment.

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